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ECTRIMS 2022 Overview

QSA not only presented at ECTRIMS, but also hosted a number of meetings and listed to presentations themselves. Here are the 3 areas where QSA noted major developments as well as what QSA is doing to respond to them:

  • Renewed emphasis on repair and recovery of damage in multiple sclerosis: several posters and talks showed the importance of new imaging measures from PET and MRIQSA is developing AI models to predict recovery of MS related damage in the central nervous system.

  • Markers of early disease progression such as progression independent of relapses or PIRA was discussed in many different contexts, potential utility of digital devices to capture early worsening of MS and use of artificial intelligence to predict these outcomesQSA is predicting relapse independent progression of MS by integrating different imaging and non-imaging measures in MS.

  • Potential utility of emerging blood and serum biomarkers such as serum neurofilament and GFAP and other proteomic measuresQSA is integrating blood biomarkers with MRI to understand their evolution and stratify patients.

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