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P4 Precision Medicine Accelerator selects Queen Square Analytics in the 2021 cohort

P4Precision Medicine, an accelerator programme for start-ups in the medical technology industry, has selected Queen Square Analytics (QSA) as one of the companies in their 2021 cohort. P4 Precision Medicine is a partnership between University College London (UCL) and Capital Enterprise, which brings together the academic and business communities to foster the best of medical technologies to enter into national and international markets. QSA will use this opportunity to extend its expertise and networks across the business and industrial networks and seek new markets where deemed suitable.

This is a unique opportunity and a catapult for QSA to build up on the mentorship, networks, and expertise available in this unique and highly suitable accelerator programme to scale up.” Commented Arman Eshaghi, co-founder of QSA.

P4Precision Medicine’s strategic goals align with that of QSA, as it will help to leverage the best of both worlds, in the academia and industry, to leverage the unique AI powered innovations at QSA in selecting patients into clinical trials for specific needs in clinical studies or (in future) in clinical practice.

The programme launches on Monday 11th of January. You can read more on P4Precision Medicine’s strategy here.

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