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Recruiting Imaging Analyst and Machine Learning Technician

QSA is hiring an Imaging Analyst and Machine Learning Technician to support its growing business:

  • “As a member of the analysis team, you will be on the front line of providing value to our customers. You will handle the receipt and quality control of medical images, conduct pre-defined processing steps with state-of-the-art in-house software, extract data from images, perform quality control of results and compile data exports. Following a training period, you will have the opportunity to provide input into the development, testing and implementation of novel image analysis tools in emerging fields of commercial and scientific interest. This role is an excellent opportunity to learn computational analysis skills in a commercial biomedical environment with rigorous quality control environment.”

Please find a complete job descriptions attached below:

QSA Image Analyst and Machine Learning Technician - job description
Download PDF • 200KB


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